Meet The Team

The Cotton Club is a locally, family owned & operated business by the Davies Family. 

After undergoing a massive refit in 2016, The Cotton Club was re-born as a swanky restaurant and bar embracing the beautiful tastes of Tropical North Queensland and allowing visitors to soak up the atmosphere that Cairns is renowned for.  Our regular visitors will tell you, it’s our people that set us apart!

Meet our team of professionals:

Dominic & Debra Davies – Owners

Dominic & Debra have channelled over 30 years of ownership in restaurants, bars, and dance clubs into The Cotton Club.  Dominic, an avid skier, moved from the Australian Alps to Cairns in 1989 for the summer, fell in love with the tropics and a beautiful woman named Debra. They invested in their first bar and restaurant within a year and have not looked back.

Q & A’s

The best part of our job is: Working with, and developing our great team of young people.  We have always enjoyed fit outs and design, The Cotton Club, was a real challenge, creating a flexible space that serves such a broad range of uses including dinning, functions, cocktails and nightspot.   We didn’t hold back on the fit out, so dress up and enjoy!

What do you do in your spare time? All the kids ski raced when they we younger, now they are adults we just love ripping up the slopes wherever we can find snow.  Closer to home mountain biking and getting out in the ski boat are good fun. Just getting back into tennis and we are avid gardeners.  Anything Outdoors!

Favourite Quote: “Work’n will.  Wish’n won’t” –  On the wall at Barron Valley Gymnastics Club.

If you had to choose one.. Drink, Dance or Dine?  Dance of course, as the dining and a little drink are the perfect prelude.


Eddie Richardson – Executive Chef

Hi I’m Eddie, Executive Chef of The Cotton Club. I grew up on a pig farm in Leeds,  Yorkshire, Northern England. From a young age, I learned the value of good quality produce. Cairns has some of the best produce in the world, I love experiementing with seasonal, local produce to make simple, fresh and satisfying dishes.

Q & A’s

My favourite drink: An ice cold cider.

My favourite food: You can’t beat fresh crayfish from The Great Barrier Reef cooked on a BBQ. 

In my spare time I love: Watching the footy with my mates.

My favourite quote: “I say what I like. And I like what I say!!” 

Alex Parr – Manager

Originally from Liverpool, England I came travelling to Australia for a year, and 4 years later can proudly call this place my home. I fell in love with the culture, but even more so the Woolshed family!

My dream was always to work with animals, but even my Zoology degree didn’t prepare me for the wild things I experience on a day to day basis… and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Q & A’s

The best part of my job is: That no two days are the same! When it’s bustling it’s at its best and getting to do it with my legendary co-workers making some kick-ass cocktails while we go, makes for a pretty sweet day (night) job!

Do you have any pets? I recently purchased a big red fighting fish and named him Stevie G! He’s named after my footballing idol who captained Liverpool FC ( ..yes that’s a soccer team)

What is your nickname & why? My nickname is ‘the Fox’ or as Big Eddie (Head Chef) likes to call me ‘Basil Brush’. I think it’s mainly due to my spikey Ginger Hair and pointy features… and possibly something to do with my cheeky mischievous nature.. but I’d like to think it’s just because of the hair!

Favourite quote: “You can’t pull your socks up if you haven’t got any on..”

Jenni Jefferis – Business Manager

I joined the Cotton Club Family in 2015 after relocating my family to Cairns. My background is in Business Management, Finance and Investment Management.

Q & A’s

If you had to choose one.. Drink, Dance or Dine? Dine. Because…FOOD!

Do you have any pets? I have a red cattle dog and a long haired insane guinea pig – and they actually get along.

What do you do in your spare time? What spare time? Run, run, run, eat – Train for marathons, run marathons!

At which store do you like maxing out your credit card? Massive online shopper – for running shoes of course

Leah Bursztynowicz – Sales, Marketing & Events Manager

I joined the team in 2017 after having spent the last 12 years in the North Queensland Tourism Industry specialising in Sales, Marketing and Operations. I’m about as Australian as they get! I originaly moved to the tropics as a young dive instructor from Newcastle, NSW.  The Cotton Club has always been one of my favourite venues in Cairns, so I’m proud to call this place my 2nd home.

Q & A’s

How the hell do you pronounce that surname!? Ber-stin-o-vich 

The best part of my job is: The amazing team that I work with. There’s never a dull moment! 

If you had to choose one.. Drink, dance or dine? Drink! The Hendricks’ iced tea my drink of choice, or wines after work on a Friday afternoon.

What do you do in your spare time?  I love the ocean and I’m a bit of a fishing fanatic! If the weather is good, you’ll find me at the reef wetting a line with my boys. 

Favourite quote: “You don’t need pants to have a good time!”

Peter Noakes – Restaurant Manager

I was born in Sydney raised in the UK, I moved to Cairns 3 years ago for a sea change and some warmer weather. I’ve been perfecting the art of hospitality for the best part of 10 years. At 6’6” you can’t miss me, just look for the tall guy!

Q & A’s

What do you do I your spare time? I like to paint and I like to drink – sometimes I paint while I drink.

If you had to choose one… Drink, dance or dine? No one can dance on an empty stomach, and I won’t dance without a bit of Dutch courage…

Languages Spoke? English, Spanglish, broken bits of German, French and Japanese.

Nickname? 2 metre Peter. I don’t cope well with low hanging objects.

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